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Whitepaper „The Future Role and Purpose of Convention Bureaux“

A collective vision and roadmap for redefining the role of national convention bureaux in the coming decade.

How can national convention bureaux best prepare for future crises and disruptions? How can we anticipate threats and opportunities and set ourselves up to create maximum value for our partners and stakeholders? How can we become more con­nected across borders, more collaborative across sectors, more resilient together? For a collective exploration of these questions, we came together as the Strategic Alliance of the National Convention Bureaux of Europe to create a shared vision of the convention bureau of the future. By focusing on roles and purposes, challenges and opportunities and skills and qualifications relevant in the year 2030, our aim is to help shape a future vision for national convention bureaux globally – including a roadmap of the most relevant tasks ahead.

Study on impact of coronavirus on European convention sector

Update 2021

The Strategic Alliance of the National Convention Bureaux of Europe has published an update of its 2020 study on “The Impact of Coronavirus on Europe’s Convention Sector”. The report, prepared by Tourism Economics, provides three recovery scenarios to reflect the possible range of developments given the level of uncertainty about how the pandemic situation will evolve over the coming months.

Press Release

Study on impact of coronavirus on European convention sector

The analysis, prepared by Tourism Economics, aims at providing a constructive narrative of the meetings and conference sector’s pathway through the crisis, towards recovery, and has developed three scenarios to reflect the possible range of outcomes from this crisis.

The information platform was launched by the GCB German Convention Bureau and tw tagungswirtschaft. In its “International” section, the site offers English-language contributions with interviews, best practices and solutions for events of the future.

Market Analysis: Europe as a destination for meetings and conferences

This market analysis provides a look at economic and socio-political trends influencing Europe as a meetings destination.
It aims at helping European DMOs and their cooperation partners to assess opportunities and develops recommendations for actions

Strategic Alliance Workshop Report

The report was compiled as a result of the collective thinking of the Alliance’s members. The document outlines the Alliance’s strategic plan and forms the essential basis of present and future activities.

Image and business opportunities for Europe as a mice destination ex China

The study, commissioned by the Alliance, is taking a detailed look at China as a major source market for Europe.
It provides relevant insights and recommendations that facilitate a more focused approach to tapping into the Chinese market.


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